Osteopathy is a safe and natural approach to healthcare which deals with human function and movement focusing on the bones, joints, muscles and soft connecting tissues and the way in which their condition affects your body as a whole.

A safe and natural approach

It uses physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore physical and psycho-social well-being while taking into account of your individual health. Osteopathy is science-based, and the profession is committed to extending, applying, evaluating and reviewing the evidence that underpins and informs its practice and delivery.


During the consultation the Osteopath will listen to your description of the problem and conduct an examination in order to identify and treat faults which occur because of injury, stress or perhaps disease. Osteopathy works to enable the body to restore itself to normal function, relieve pain and help you to maximise your potential. The treatment you receive will be mainly manual. This could range from very gentle massage to stronger stretching and mobilising techniques. These may include short sharp movements to free restricted joints and give more rapid relief from pain. You should leave the consultation having been given information on what your problem is, roughly how long it will take to improve, what activities to avoid if any and what exercises will help to speed up your recovery.


30 Minutes £52.50
(Under 18 £37, under 5 £24)

Back Pain

Osteopathy is most readily associated with back pain ranging from muscular injuries, joint derangements to disc injuries. However, Osteopathy is also used to treat a much wider variety of problems from stress headaches and tension to occupational injuries and from sports injuries to the aches and pains associated with aging.

Your Osteopath may also give you exercises to do at home, a temporary support or postural advice. You may be shown how to protect yourself against repeated injury and you will be advised on what level of activity is right for you in the home, garden, sports or work place. Your Osteopath will work with you to compile a complete programme for your recovery.

Other services provided include individually perfected insoles to help restore normal foot function when you are suffering from foot pain, dropped arches, hip pain, knee pain, bunions or metatarsal pain.

Cranial Osteopathy

Osteopaths are qualified to work with babies and children and will use gentler techniques such as cranial osteopathy when treating babies. Cranial techniques are safe, gentle and non-manipulative.