Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology is a health system which uses muscle testing to gather energy information from the body.

Empowering health through Health Kinesiology

Frances Arnold has 22 years of experience helping clients of all ages with a wide range of health conditions including chronic fatigue, pain, IBS, food sensitivities, autism, dyslexia, muscular-skeletal problems, addictions, phobias, stress and anxiety.

HK is based on the Chinese 5 element model of medicine and the concept that health problems are linked with imbalance within the energy system. Muscle testing is used to gather information from the body, find where the imbalances may lie and what protocols are needed to harmonise the system and restore the body to health. The healing protocols involve a variety of bio-energetic balancing methods including working with acu-points, crystals, body work, essential oils, flower essences and sound vibrations. The theory is that the body’s own self-healing process is triggered allowing the release of physical toxicity, emotional traumas, and mental blocks. This process helps the client to alleviate health problems, make significant life changes, and perform at their best.

Kinesiology testing for INTOLLERANCES to food additives (E-numbers) and other non-food substances (dust, pollens, chemicals etc.) THIS IS NOT ALLERGY TESTING for that you need to see your GP.

Muscle testing is a long-established (but not evidence-based) method for detecting sensitivities to foods and other substances. Frances’s test kits cover a huge range of food and non-food samples. Frances intuitively reads the weak muscle response when the food that should be avoided is rested on the body.


Initial Consultation 90 minutes £73
Subsequent treatments 60 minutes £60