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New Waveney Herbal Clinic at The Manor House Practice

Herbal medicine is the use of plants and some fungi as healing tools.

Plants have been used by mankind as food and medicine since the dawn of humanity and herbal medicine is the oldest form of healthcare on the planet. Many people are now familiar with traditions from other countries, but it is less well known that in the UK we have our own unique tradition of treatment based around the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water called the Humoral System and using native and home grown plants.

Two local herbalists have now teamed up to offer Traditional Western Herbal Medicine at the Manor House Practice:

Tim Lane, MSc (Herb. Med.) has been practising at The Manor House Practice for the last 19 years and is now joined at the Manor House Practice by Nathalie Chidley, BSc (Herb. Med.).

Tim qualified initially in 1997, gaining a Diploma in Herbal Medicine from The School of Phytotherapy, and was in full time practice within a year, and has been since. In 2008 he graduated with an MSc. in Herbal Medicine from The Scottish School of Herbal Medicine.

Nathalie first began to study herbal medicine at evening classes in 1990 with the highly respected herbalist Christopher Hedley. Following four years of study at Middlesex University which includes over 500 hours of clinical practice she graduated with a BSc(Hons) in 2000 and was employed at the University linked Herbal Medicine Training clinic in Archway, London for more than 10 years.

Following Nathalie’s move to Beccles in 2013 they decided to set up the Waveney Herbal Clinic in order to develop further the provision of herbal medicine that Tim has been offering for the last 19 years.

‘We are both excited by this new partnership as we believe it will offer better access to herbal treatment and dietary advice for people living in and around Beccles. As part of our commitment to ensuring the continuation of this country’s excellent tradition of herbal medicine we also intend to provide evening lectures based around seasonal themes, open to the general public as well as practical workshops such as how to make simple creams and herbal syrups and to run local herb walks.

Although herbalists often see chronic (ongoing) problems, herbs can and are used in emergency or first aid situations. We believe that herbs have a significant and positive part to play in healthcare as we seek to redress imbalances which may underpin illness instead of simply reducing the signs and symptoms that result from it.’


Your initial consultation will include an in-depth examination of your medical history to enable the Herbalist to build up a picture of you as a whole being. Treatment may then include advice about diet and lifestyle as well as the Herbal Medicine, so that you, the patient, and the practitioner can work together as a team to restore you to health.


Consultation Adult £45.00 Appointments 1 hour
Adult Follow up treatment £30.00 Appointments ½ an hour
Remedy cost varies; starting from…. £7.00  
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