Rosie Knights

Please accept my thanks for the treatment the I received from you yesterday 20/08/12. As before, you have relieved much of the pain that I was experiencing and I am able to move more freely now. I don’t know how I would manage without the wonderful service that you offer, it is so quickly and easily accessed. I know that I will always be treated by a friendly professional who understands what has happened to me and who is always able to improve the situation.

My previous experience of holidaying abroad for three weeks with acute back pain before being completely “cured” after one visit to you the day after I returned home is still in my thoughts. I do wish that the NHS were able to refer people to you. It would save the country millions and many people would be pain free.

Please thank Louise who is also a wonderful Osteopath, knowing that you are both there is very reassuring.

Rosie Knights

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