Indian Head Massage

This treatment involves massaging:  the back, arms, neck, face and head.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

  • An excellent treatment promoting relaxation for physical and emotional health, leaving a feeling of calm and well-being
  • Stimulates circulation to help remove blockages
  • Helps with muscular aches
  • Encourages hair growth through circulation stimulation
  • Eases mental fatigue and stress
  • Relieves:  eyestrain, tension headaches and helps reduce migraine stress

Ayurvedic Marma Massage

During your luxurios massage based on Ayurvedic principles, I will massage you from your head to your toes, using oils that I will have mixed after determining your dosha (body type). The base oil I work with is usually sesame oil, which I will warm before applying to your body. The sesame oil, in combination with rapid, repetitive medium weight massage strokes, warms your body to aid relaxation and the release of toxins, all the while moisturizing your skin as the essential oils penetrate the skin. This massage technique is unique. Muscles are warmed and soothed, stimulating deep relaxation. Plan and expect to do nothing for the rest of of the day!

Marmas are the energetic cross-roads of the body, meeting points of different types of tissue, such as muscle and tendon, tendon and bone. Ayurvedic Marma Massage is an excellent way to work on these pressure points, stimulating that subtle energy that runs through meridians and balancing the chakras (energy centres).

As well as mental and emotional release, it is documented that Ayurvedic Massage stimulates immunity, helps toxins to move out of the body and, in reducing stress and fatigue, will help slow the aging process.

Tris tailors her Ayurvedic treatments to an hour.

Longer 1½ hour treatments include a head and whole body massage.


Treatment involves massage on the back, arms, neck, face and head.